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Change and growth shape who we are and what we do. Without them, we would differ little from machines and soon become obsolete. A business also goes through change and growth not only to remain up to date and competitive but also to reflect the ideas and goals of those who run it. Of course, change and growth can mean many different things. What do they mean for Agent 47?

Agent 47 has changed by growing an additional, related business, the Good Living Guide. What this translates to is that Agent 47 will continue to provide stellar marketing services including print and web design to current and future clients. The Good Living Guide will provide coaching services, many complimentary to those of Agent 47.

In 1999, Feroshia Knight, co-Founder of Agent 47 (né Foto:Grafika) began pursuing an idea which grew into a passion and now sustains a vibrant coaching business. This new endeavor allows Feroshia, in her role as guide, to help others realize their life potential at work, home and play.

Feroshia continues to lend her marketing expertise to Agent 47 strengthened by knowledge garnered through her coaching practice. Both services are recommended for growing a healthy business.

Please read on to learn more about the Good Living Guide
and how it could help you:

Business and entrepreneurial coaching focuses chiefly on sustainable best practice business growth and change -- change that enhances and accelerates both the well-being and happiness of the individual and the business. Feroshia Knight, as the Good Living Guide, specializes in business performance enhancement, leadership skills, communication strategies, presentation skills, strategic thinking, alliance building, marketing and business start-up. Her program design stems absolutely from the client’s business needs and is shaped solely by the client’s agenda on any scheduled day of a session.

The beauty of business and entrepreneurial coaching is that it supports clients’ efforts to attain a profitable yet enjoyable business. At the same time, it provides clients with the tools and techniques to not only reach their goals more rapidly but which are applicable to other changes and enhancements made throughout life.

Who would benefit from business and entrepreneurial coaching?
Just about any one could benefit from business and entrepreneurial coaching, including those wishing to:

  • Set clear business priorities and goals
  • Define, design useable business and marketing action plans
  • Significantly increase revenue and grow resource networks
  • Improve time management and reduce stress
  • Eliminate self-limiting behaviors that slow or halt the mechanisms for success
  • Sharpen skills and attitude; increase confidence
  • Brainstorm more creatively
  • Upgrade client base
  • Delegate more often and more effectively
  • Discover new techniques for problem solving and conflict resolution

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